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Is living in the big smoke better for your immune system in the long term as you are exposed to more people and their bugs?

Clean Extremely Large Telescope. With Halloween just around the corner, Stephen asks the spooky question, Are zombies feasible?. Fat mature escorts. What's your usual Thursday night out? Clean How are robotic voices generated? Clean The science behind fasting. This week, The Naked Scientists go on an odyssey into the science of hearing, listen in to find out the strange ways our ears decode sounds, get baffled by some auditory illusions and meet someone who can see with their ears.

Clean How many people do you need to avoid inbreeding in a population - Naked Scientists Question of the Week We find out why some humans squirt saliva from their mouth as a fine jet of spit Listener Tim got in touch to ask: Rejoice because at midnight tonight, a second will be added to clocks across the world.

Paul Jenn wrote in asking whether it was possible to speed up plane journeys, so we went to Neil Scott, head of engineering at Airbus, to find out. Bbc naked scientist. What are the constraints o Clean What causes sleepwalking? Clean Why do our voices sound different in our heads? Inthe world champion Lee Sedol was beaten at the ancient boardgame of Go - by a machine. We know that nothing persists for ever so surely plastics in the sea have to break down at some point.

And if so, why? We investigate the most energy-efficient way to climb stairs: When readers buy products or services on this site, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Clean Why do we get circles around or eyes? Higher education University of Cambridge. Clean Do animals experience the placebo effect? Clean Is modern medicine affecting the human gene pool? Roomba VS iLife Vacuums. Why do we yawn? I hope he might yet change his tune, as Sue Marchant has now done.

What would peeing on the moon look like? This is the promotional video I made and here is a link to the programme. Nude blonde girl sex. If a solar storm or malicious virus hit the network, could our current civilisation dependency on computer networks be damaged irreversibly? Clean Is sense of smell heightened during pregnancy?

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Therefore, it is imperative to understand and caref Clean Is there an absolute maximum temperature?

Plus, the killer whale that can talk, and some groundbreaking research reveals why the USA is experiencing shakeups. Mature lesbian golden shower. Plus, we ask about the future of flight: Clean Why do women live longer than men?

Clean Bereavement suppresses the Immune System. Plus we ask, can we mix spider and human DNA to make Spiderman? Clean What is the most efficient way to run up stairs? But this week, photos of cetacean carcasses were splashed across the media.

O'Carroll also set up a Naked Scientists spin-off podcast, Naked Archaeologywhich launched in Does the cycle of the moon affect your sleep patterns?

Fingernails seem to have obvious uses but what are our toenails for? I'm guessing, after decades of droids and terminators, that the machine you're picturing is something metal, rigid and human-shaped. Clean National Security Algorithm. Caitlin asked whether detergent residues left on crockery and cutlery could be bad for our health.

Clean Can we vacuum up the plastics in our oceans? Plus, we ask if non-coding DNA has a purpose Probably more than you think because a surprisingly large amount of the world's gold supply is tied up in old electronics. Clean Sex and back pain. Clean Concussion and the Rugby World Cup.

Clean Can you Catch Cancer? Every year millions of people contract malaria, which is a blood parasite infection spread by mosquitoes. Bbc naked scientist. Plants can be good for the planet, nice to look at and often pretty tasty.

Clean Why do I urinate more in the cold? Clean AI learning without human guidance.

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We hack our heads to find out how we can make a secure password. Www sexy xxxx com. But as well as its empathetic characters and gripping story-lines, what makes the show special is its attention to detail when it comes to his We've all had days when we're tired and wish we didn't have dark circles under our eyes.

We get excited over excrement!

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