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Brittney pulls back in a Camel Clutch, looking for the finish. Girls getting naked porn. A Camel Clutch, a Sidewalk Slam, a big leg drop Solo asks, but Rain refuses to give in. Angela fong naked. It's mostly a numbers game, but Rain has her moments. The crafty Solo does manage to thwart Tommy briefly with a Headlock, eye tweak and Sleeperhold, but Tommy gets right back to dominating the proceedings with an eye rake of his own, various chokeholds and an explosive Atomic Drop.

Inspired by Brittney's leopard print gear she is determined to knock off each of the blonde's nine lives. Will this error in judgement cost the Rate Tank the victory? It's all Athena and Su just can't catch a break. Cat and Betsy exchange a bunch of submission holds that range from a Bodyscissors to the Camel Clutch and everything in between.

However, Kimberly has a trick up her sleeve—or, more specifically in her boot. Allysin Kay vs Sara Del Rey The women exchange plenty of holds early, with neither competitor gaining much of an edge over the other. Nikki scores with fearsome legwork by hobbling Jessicka in ankle locks, tying her up in double toe holds and rattling the ring repeatedly with mat slams.

The women actually gain the advantage early working over Butterfly Bob, but then Titan makes the tag and everything changes for the women. Hanging tits amateur. Britani Knight vs Rain Britani is all positivity in this one, bouncing in to take on the veteran Rain, with Jessie Mckay overseeing the match. Well… one brutal Crossface hold later, we're not entirely sure that she will.

Nevaeh hasn't forgotten the first half of this match and does her best match Taeler's heel intensity. Kay finally gets a big advantage over her more experienced opponent, primarily focusing on her left leg. She manages to get some offense in but eventually gets caught in a ceiling hold. The match begins as you would expect, with the huge Titan tossing Kimberly clear across the ring with ease.

Try as the women might, the odds are just against them too much in this one and that is proven true when one of them gets taken out with a monstrous Backbreaker for the three count. Using stomach claws as a twisted defibrillator, Kong repeatedly forces Brittney back to consciousness.

Each take turns trading the upper hand with throws and takedowns, wristlocks and reversal acrobatics. She lays into Matsumoto with knee drops to her mid-section, levels her with shoulder blocks and rocks the ring with a devastating Swinging Neckbreaker. You can't blame him for being overwhelmed. LeiLani Kai vs Portia Perez No referee for this Sleeperhold contest, where the object is to send your opponent to dreamland. Santana and Ivelisse eventually manage to get a foothold late in the match and all four wrestlers face off.

Latasha's Camel Clutch has Brittney suffering, but she comes back with some powerful knee lifts and a firm headscissors. Heidi will need to keep her eyes peeled, as this might be a photo-finish! Roxx takes the beating early and Xandra gets a tag, but her momentum is cut off quickly as Tommy Taylor goes to work on her.

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Soon Rain has her in pain and in the corner with Ms. A Surfboard has Solo in considerable pain, but moments later she manages to trap Madison in a Sleeperhold that nearly earns her the win.

At least someone is feeling better Now it's her turn to land a DDT that sets up the second fall: Or will Allysin finish off Ivelisse and keep her title belt?

This is anything but a walk in the park. Milf dom candi. A double Russian Legsweep seals the for one team in this wild contest. Tomoka finds it in a fistful of hair, while Mia looks for it Boston Crab. After April notifies the two of the rules no closed fists and no flogging, amongst other restrictionsthe match gets underway. Surfboard for a Surfboard, Sleeper for a Sleeper.

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But this is a wrestling match and all the waffling in the world can't keep Tommy from dishing out the pain. Athena keeps a tight hold on the reins and Su's hair for this one, working Su over in the corners, but also really paying attention to Su's back and arms. Then she clamps on a Sleeperhold, threatening to end the contest. After spending some time clutching the bottom rope to recuperate, Rain returns the favor, attacking Hunter with a face slam to the mat, an STF and a bridging Surfboard.

Christina Von Eerie vs Kimber Lee Fans of well-matched and bitter rivals facing off in a heated competition look no further than this one. She comes out hot right out of the gate, never relinquishing the reins for a second. Pretty hot lesbians. Angela fong naked. Soon it is Fantasia knocking Angela out cold and the punishment is just beginning, but unfortunately Angela will not be awake for the rest of it.

Further damage is done with a number of chops to the throat as Kimberly dominates the action. Leah demonstrates her strength, locking Su in a tough Headscissor, while Su shows off her agility, wriggling and tumbling out of it.

It isn't until late in the match, one lady starts to pick up the pace and get a step ahead of her opponent. Santana gets up and nearly steals the win with a Sunset Flip, but soon Angela goes back to slamming her face into the mat. Betsy gets the advantage early over her barefooted foe, but Cat does get a lot of shots in as well on her foe. Sure, if you say so, Kellie.

Nikki tries to take the legs from the lanky Madison with twisting anklelocks and a myriad of leglocks and toe holds that keep the veteran grounded and on the defensive. April starts off taking on young Josh Hess who is fed a steady diet of vicious kicks, forearms, and turnbuckle smashes before being hung in the corner for a life altering Shattered Dreams! Kay finally gets a big advantage over her more experienced opponent, primarily focusing on her left leg.

April shows off her superior size and strength by effortlessly lifting Leva up and carrying her around the ring before delivering a powerful Bodyslam and elbow drop to the sternum.

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The Radiant Rain… she bites! A quick leg sweep lands The Radiant One down on the mat and Hunter uses a couple stomps and clubs to the back before catching Rain in a reverse Bearhug, then forcing her to tap out to a traditional Bearhug. Athena keeps a tight hold on the reins and Su's hair for this one, working Su over in the corners, but also really paying attention to Su's back and arms.

Lots of team moves here. Will it prove third time lucky for Angela? This one's a total beat-down with Su putting up nary a scrap of resistance. Naked lesbians naked. A huge Clothesline and then a crippler Crossface force a tap out from one competitor, but is it Betsy Ruth hitting a homer or Cat Power raising a paw in the air? And Kimberly is still not finished!! That's certainly the case in the early going, where a bunch of pin attempts have Angel scrambling. Kristin is fast out of the blocks at the start of the bout, trying to score a quick victory with a roll up.

The action continues back in the ring, as both wrestlers look for the victory. Sara then does something that nobody would ever expect her to do--as Sara actually spits on her opponent! Rain vs Matt Classic The veteran Rain has her hands full against the ruthless wrestling machine that is Matt Classic the third. Angela fong naked. Nude 80s girls Havok, it's not long before Jessicka gets the advantage and starts flinging her pillar to post.

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The girl with 3 tits Even when Courtney is on the offensive, she seems to be having fun as evidenced by a bouncing Bronco Buster in the corner.
Womens extreme wrestling nude submission The result is a 12 minute torture session for the blonde grappler. Solo asks, but Rain refuses to give in. But she soon finds herself in a tight Figure Four Leglock variation from Taylor with Cherry coaxing her to submit.
Asian with big tits nude It's an even matchup to start, but Taryn gets ahead with a pair of Dropkicks.
Big milf squirt But her hair may never be the same again. It doesn't help much as Taryn regains control with a standing armlock.
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